JIEON returns to music fans with a dual single release, Emotional Picnic. Emotional Picnic is a bold pivot from the singer/songwriter’s first EP, WWW, the sonically acoustic and electronic hybrid, a contrast from her recent release which sounds closer to alternative and/or R&B. JIEON also shows her stylistic range vocally as she sings, shouts, and raps on both “Bill (feat. Summer Soul)” and “The Green Ray (feat. nov, EXN)”.

R&B singer nov’s vocal riff is sampled throughout “The Green Ray”, a nod to the Éric Rohmer film. The song is an effortless transition over into R&B on JIEON’s part and is also her first collaboration with her Unusual Sound labelmate, rapper/singer EXN. Each artist praises—in their own fashion, their state of being carefree yet with an underlying hope to find joie de vivre. The double feature plays out like a crescendo, starting soft with JIEON’s organic vocals to nov’s R&B sway, then blows out and over with EXN’s more contemporary urban cadence.

The choice to feature R&B artist Summer Soul on “Bill”, whose smoldering alto vocals highly resembles JIEON’s, may not be a coincidence afterall. As JIEON wavers between being vulnerable and resolved, Summer Soul is the resolute third person (literally and POV) who fends for and uplifts her, almost as if she is JIEON’s inner voice. The verse is followed by the hook and outro, an ode to her unwavering attitude on the banality of love and its aftermath.



WWW ('트리플 웨이브')


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