The Growth of JIEON in YYY
YYY is JIEON’s second double single of this year. The singer released her first R&B project, Emotional Picnic earlier this summer. YYY’s melodic R&B ballads exhibit her versatility—the acoustic guitar sounds, bells, synthesized chords bring a much vivacious sound, which was intentional on the artist’s part.

YYY is a pictograph of trees, namely pine trees, as mentioned in the song, “Notice Me.” “Hope we will naturally intertwine and grow into each other” refers to a budding love that JIEON is hoping will blossom. “Notice Me” is a much more straightforward lyrical and musical approach by JIEON, who has often experimented with unconventional compositions and melodies.

“Like this?”, produced by Romderful, is a prime example of JIEON’s approach to YYY. Romderful, who is known for his fun-loving, creative productions and layered vocals blended his signature touches on JIEON’s vocals. “Like this?” is the theme song for any young escapist as JIEON hums, “Nothing goes your way in this life” or “today’s gonna be our last day/we’ll do whatever with Frank Ocean playing in the back.” Frank Ocean encapsulates a specific kind of moody sentimentality that JIEON secretly still favors, all sung on a cheerful note.



WWW ('트리플 웨이브')


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